Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students

We call for every student in every city in America to have access to a robust and active music life.

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It is with great joy that the Yale School of Music shares the Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students.

This work is the result of nearly two years of effort to examine the role of music-making in the lives of students in America’s cities. This project emerged from (and continues to inspire) the development of our local programs in New Haven, CT, and we are excited to engage in the national conversation about equity and inclusion in our field.

The Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students was crafted through a collaborative process at the 2017 Symposium on Music in Schools. Forty-three participants in the fields of education, foundation and music—contributed their expertise to this endeavor.

We invite you to read the declaration, explore resources, and learn about city ecosystems that are providing an active music life to students. We look forward to your active participation through this website, and invite you to share what is happening in your city.

Most importantly, we call for you to take action in your own communities. We hope the declaration inspires and encourages you as together we envision and strive for a future in which every student in every city has access to an active music life.

Michael Yaffe
Associate Dean, Yale School of Music
New Haven, CT


City Spotlights

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Take Action

Learn more about what you can do to work for equity in music for city students.